Bridging the gap with partial dentures

Partial dentures can be an incredible solution for clients with missing teeth or a missing tooth. Removable partial dentures look natural and fit seamlessly beside your teeth to help you feel confident about your smile. But partial dentures aren’t all about aesthetics, as your denture specialist will tell you. Partial dentures can also help restore the form and function of your jaw. With one or more missing teeth, the bite pressure shifts in your mouth. Other teeth start to shift to compensate for the gap and this can create problems down the road. Partial dentures are an easy and relatively inexpensive fix that will make you look and feel your best.

How do you know if partial dentures are the right option for you? What do they cost? How long will they last? We have the answers to all your questions and are happy to help with a free consultation to see if partial dentures are the right fit for you. Talk to a denture specialist at Centre Street Denture Clinic in Calgary and learn more.

Common Questions

How much are partial dentures?

Each partial denture is unique and the cost depends on the type of partial denture that’s the right option for you. The most effective way to get a specific detailed cost is to book a free, no-obligation consultation at our clinic.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are made of artificial teeth that are attached to a base which is placed in your mouth to fill in any gaps. They’re a good option for those patients missing one or more teeth when a bridge isn’t a suitable option. Sometimes a bridge isn’t an option if the necessary teeth aren’t there to support it, and the high cost can also be a deterrent.

How does a partial denture work?

Partial dentures work by filling in any gaps in your teeth with replacement teeth attached to a pink plastic base. It’s connected by a removable metal framework to hold it in place.

Can you eat with a partial denture?

Yes, but it might be challenging at first, although it does get easier over time.

As you get more confident with your food choices with your partial denture, be sure to cut each piece into very small bites. Most patients adjust quite well to their partial denture, but certain foods, like marshmallows or candy, could always be difficult.

How long do partial dentures last?

The lifespan of your partial denture varies depending on the fit and the oral health of your remaining teeth. The teeth on your partial denture can wear down and stain faster than natural teeth, and tissues in your mouth may also change or shrink over time. This can eventually result in an improper fit and the need to replace or reline your existing denture.