Centre Street Denture Clinic is run by a Qualified Professional Denturist

Corey Hyde has always liked working with people. It’s one of the reasons why he enjoys his work as a denturist. “I think my ability to connect with people is very unique,” he says. “I care deeply about the patients.”

That care shows in his work. Corey’s aim as a denturist is to make people, who are often worried and self-conscious about their teeth, feel comfortable coming to see him. “It’s all about making people happy.”


Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture

Centre Street Denture Clinic is certified to provide Lower Suction Dentures.

I have my natural smile back.

I highly recommend Corey Hyde as a denturist. He has spent a lot of time with me and is so precise, he was extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and professional from the beginning and put me at ease throughout the whole process. Corey was also very attentive, patient, and available to answer any of my questions. I have had false teeth for many years and never had such a positive experience. I am so happy with the quality of his work and can say that I finally have the perfect dentures, both upper and lower. I have my natural smile back. I am thrilled to wear my new teeth and consider them the most beautiful ones I have had.

Shirley Collins